Alison Sudol - Single - Moonlight - 2019


To you who may need this,

It’s been an interesting day. My puppy escaped from her crate, shredded an entire box of magic erasers and peed in my bed three times while I was out of the house, I’m running on two hours of sleep and my washing machine just exploded. Also, it’s a full moon- in Aries, no less.

I have written and re-written this piece so many times it’s almost funny. Almost. Part of me is fantasizing about throwing my computer out the window, but another, cooler-headed part of me is smart and knows that then I’d have to go and get it. And then I would have to sit down in front of a bashed up, limping laptop and tap out the very same letter I am writing to you now, but with a jammed F key.

I want to say that it’s ironic that trying to write a piece about mental health should drive me so crazy, but my boyfriend is constantly reminding me that’s not the correct usage of the word.

So what is it then?

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