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Avery Jackson, whose sweetly touching video about what it’s like to be a trans girl, is the groundbreaking cover of this month’s National Geographic

Several trans, non-binary, bigender, and androgynous people posed for another cover, which will be on newsstands on December 27. The issue will also be published online on Monday, December 19. Perhaps the best part is the life-affirming quote from Avery that the magazine put on its cover with her portrait.

Gifs: Debi Jackson


envisioning future where all kids can just be who they are, whatever feels right. be it a marine biologist or an astronaut, the president or a librarian, boy or girl, regardless of their skin color or religion, how much money their parents make, where they were born or, as Avery so wonderfully cheekily puts it, what’s in their underwear. let’s keep working towards that, shall we?  (how brave is she, by the way? she thought her parents might not love her anymore, throw her out and not give her food if she told them who she was… heartbreaking, thinking that’s the position society puts kids in that don’t fit into our boxes). 

growing up is hard enough as it is. let’s support our kids, all of them. they’re the only future we’ve got.

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